Opportunities for Involvement

Celebrate Recovery
GCR (Garnett Celebrate Recovery) is a Bible-based, Christ-centered recovery program for all those who struggle with life's many "hurts, habits, and hang-ups". A place where God is the Head, Christ is the Cornerstone, and the Bible is the curriculum. Each of the 8 Recovery Principles are based on the Beatitudes, and all of the Twelve Steps are based solely on God's Holy Word. GCR is a place where ordinary people come together for extraordinary healing. If anything has hindered your walk with God, or postponed or prevented genuine fellowship with Him or loved ones then GCR is for you.  Our group meets weekly on Monday evenings 6pm - 8:30pm and is led by Art Black.  Childcare provided.  You can click this Facebook link for more info on their page.


Women's Ministries

Our ladies meet weekly on Wednesday nights for a Bible Study. Some of the lessons are video driven with speakers such as Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Kay Warren and others. The ladies have times of fellowship for example, a cookie exchange, field trips, paint parties, etc.

Hospital Calling
This involves helping those who are in the hospital by visiting them and letting them know we care about their situation and are praying for them.

Church Information Class
This class is led by the Pastor and provides an opportunity for people to ask questions about the Church and for the Pastor to explain what we believe and why we believe it.

First-time Visitors
This ministry is designed to have an established family drop off a small gift on their way home to people at their residence who attend for the first time. It is a way to let them know we were honored to have them visit.

Prime Time Ministries
This is for those wonderful folks who are 50 or above. We have a monthly "Monday Meal" together and are hoping to do a few travel events as time allows.

Nursing Home Ministries
Once a quarter our church is responsible for leading a short worship service for the three local nursing homes, located in Garnett. It is done on Sunday afternoon and takes the support of several people and they would welcome anyone to join them.

Men's Ministries
The men are active with a number of ministries. The largest events they do are the Hunter's Banquet and Men's Retreat.

Couples Ministry
Simply at this point, this ministry consists of planning a fun social gathering, done in a local setting, great food, and usually a few good laughs too.

Nursery Ministry
Nursery consists of simply providing child care for the 0 to 18 months, and the 18 to 36 month olds. This ministry is a vital area of our church because of the young families that we have attending.

Greeters and Ushers
As you enter our facility, we want every individual to feel they are at home with friends. The goal of our greeters is to provide the atmosphere. Our ushers are to assist with any needs especially assisting people in finding their seat and seeing they are comfortable in the worship setting.

Pastoral Prayer Time
This prayer time occurs in the pastor's office between Connect Groups and Worship. It is a time for the men of the church to lay hands on our Pastor and ask for God's anointing as he prepares to deliver God's Word.

Public Information
This ministry deals with distributing info in-house on a weekly basis, changing the message on our outdoor sign, and giving event announcements to the local newspapers, tv stations, and radio stations including placing posters in strategic spots throughout our area for the purpose of advertising.

Christmas Theme Committee
This ministry includes decorating the facility for Christmas , adorning the 4th street median with lights, and when possible to provide a float for our local parade(s).

Pastoral Care
This means that we give our pastoral staff an anniversary card, birthday card, or an appreciation gift when appropriate, as well as encouraging the congregation to do the same.

Early Morning Opening
Because we try to be very careful with the issue of stewardship, the building is open and closed by volunteers. This ministry is responsible for the AC/Heat turned on, doors unlocked, lights on, and the entire building prepared for a great day.

Kitchen Care Committee
Our facility is in use many times during the week and so we need people who can come by and pick up the kitchen and keep it clean and in good working order. This is crucial as we prepare for the next event to occur.

Meals Coordinator
Following hospitalization days, or upon deaths, we attempt to provide 3 meals for these families. This is done by calling and simply asking for people to assist by taking one of the three meals needed to these families.

Baby & Wedding Showers
We provide a "wedding box" for newly-wed couples in which the congregation can drop gift cards from assorted places to assist the couples in their new start. We also do a "baby basket" for families with new babies which is for the purpose of providing diapers and wipes for their new arrival.

Set Up Crew
Each Wednesday night and Saturday before the arrival of worship attendees, there are a number of chairs, tables, and portable walls that need to be arranged. This crew makes sure all is ready for the crowd to appear.

We keep an assortment of reading books, DVD, VCR, and cassette tapes in our library for use by the church. These media must be organized and catalogued to help people find the object of their search.

Funeral Committee
This person(s) is responsible for helping to set up for funerals, as well as planning a meal and calling for people to assist with the preparation, serving, and cleaning up of the meal.

Children's Activity Sheets
In the case that a child does not attend children's worship, and instead stays seated with their parents, there is a clipboard, paper, and crayons provided for them which can allow them to be creative during the service.

Care Ministry
We make an attempt to stay connected with every family in the Church. We simply desire that prayer concerns and greetings be shared each week with these families.

Intercessory Prayer
We have a team of individuals who take the weekly prayer concerns of the church and intercedes for the congregation with the issues that lay close to the heart of our people.

The Trustees deal with the maintenance and upkeep of our facility and grounds. We have work days which are crucial at helping reduce costs and to elongate the life of our physical property. There are things done throughout the year that help in this area and we welcome any assistance in this area.

In the area of worship, we have a praise band, involving keyboards, drums, and stringed instruments. We use vocalists in group settings and in solo ministries. Lay people lead in many areas from doing announcements, leading Friendship-N-Worship, receiving the offering, serving communion, and providing many other opportunities for ministry.

Our Mission department has many facets to it. Because we have missions at the core of our church and we were founded with a strong mission vision. We support our over 600 global missionaries in over 160 countries by each church participating in a global giving that together we are making a difference in over 2 million lives worldwide. Here are some of the things we participate in:

Work and Witness: We rotate each year whether we stay in the US or travel outside of our country. That money is raised locally and is open for all to participate in.

Missionary speakers: Every year we host missionaries who are here for deputation for a 2 month period; we hear their stories and are reminded of God's Mission for all.

Alabaster offering: Taken in February and September. We are given little cardboard boxes and into it for those 6 months we put our loose change. That money is collected and every cent of it is sent to build buildings on our mission fields.

Youth Ministries
We have a local director that is elected each year by the church. That individual leads our youth department, along with a host of volunteers. Some of the things they do are:

Wednesday night youth group, consisting of music, prayer, games and a relevant message. They have a small group time on Sunday nights, based off of the pastor's messages. We have district activities which consist of joining 74 churches on our district for those activities. They are, a yearly camp at camp Table Rock, a Spring and Fall gathering for fun and spiritual growth, the opportunity to go on youth work and witness trips, participating in talent events, a huge showcase of talent at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Connect Groups
A Connect Group is an opportunity for the entire family, regardless of age, to find a class where the Word of God is presented at their level and discussion is based on the everyday issues we each face in our walk with God. Our Connect Groups provide a place to build relationships with fellow Christians while deepening our faith together. We currently offer 6 age/grade level classes for children from birth through sixth grade and a Bible Quizzing class. We have youth classes where teachers help our teens study scripture and discover what it looks like to live for Jesus and how to handle the pressure of today's culture. With several adult classes to choose from, adults are certain to find a class size, teaching style and topic that will meet their needs.